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We welcome new members at any time of year.


How can I pay for membership?

You can:

  1. Pay using credit or debit card (please see the link to Stripe below).

  2. Use Internet Bank Payment services provided online by your bank (please fill in the form below to get started).

  3. Pay by cash at a Kiwibank branch or at our office. Cash can only be received at our office during office hours. Unfortunately we do not have EFTPOS facilities at our office.

Would you like to volunteer?

Do you have any skills to offer the committee or office? Please drop in or call and have a chat.

PRIVACY ACT REQUIREMENTS: All information provided to Grey Power will remain confidential and will not be supplied to any other party except as outlined in the website privacy policy. Please note promotional material may be inserted in mail outs for the interest of members.

1. Join and Pay with Credit or Debit Card

We use Stripe for secure payments

2. Join and Pay with Online Banking (please enter details below first)

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Thank you for supporting Grey Power

Internet Bank Payment Details:

Bank: Kiwibank

Account No: 38 9001 0051732 00

Payee :Tga & WBOP Grey Power Assn Inc

Particulars: Family Name

Reference: Phone Number

3. Pay by cash

Please pay at a Kiwibank branch or at our office.


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