Grey Power Tauranga & WBOP

What is Grey Power?

Grey Power is an advocacy organisation promoting the welfare and well-being of all those citizens in the 50 plus age group. Our mission is to be the appropriate voice for all New Zealanders.

Need relief from escalating Energy Costs?

Tauranga has been identified as the city paying the nation’s highest electricity bills (1) (2)

Grey Power, as the leading advocacy voice for older New Zealanders has partnered with Pulse Energy to supply power and broadband at competitive prices to our members.

Why not consider supporting our advocacy work and benefit from great value power as well?  Join us today to enjoy the special offer from Grey Power Electricity.



About Us

Grey Power is an advocacy organisation established over 35 years ago. for the over 50s

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Grey Power Electricity

One of the big benefits of Grey Power membership is eligability for Grey Power Electricity. Huge savings on your energy bills.


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